Conserve Africa Foundation is a non‐governmental organisation registered as a charity that aims to promote and implement sustainable development practices, policies and strategies in Africa.

  • We promote local community-led initiatives in:
    • Promoting natural resources sustainable use and management to increase agricultural productivity and fight the extinction of important and endangered species;
    • Combating climate change, drought and desertification through climate-smart agriculture and tree planting;
    • Improving access to clean water and sanitation to promote better hygiene and fight preventable diseases, especially to vulnerable and poor communities.
  • We support the effective local management and conservation of natural resources and ensure that benefits accrue to the poor
  • We raise awareness about global, regional and national environmental issues affecting Africa, especially those relating to international conventions on biodiversity, desertification and climate change
  • We fight against environmental inequalities through advocacy work for the integration of poverty-environment linkages in national, regional and international development processes
  • We campaign to the international community so that Africa’s environmental challenges are addressed while at the same time combating poverty and promoting socio‐economic development



  • Undertaking pro-poor community environmental conservation and rehabilitation
  • Promoting community‐based natural resource sustainable use, management and conservation initiatives
  • Providing environmental education, training and awareness raising
  • Undertaking action research, information dissemination and knowledge management
  • Raising awareness about Africa poverty-environment linkages and dimensions at international level
  • Linking local, national and global environmental initiatives relevant to Africa.


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