The relevance, need and importance of Conserve Africa lies in its role as a membership organization, bringing together the collective experiences and concerns of its member NGOs. Membership to CA is open to African NGOs, community groups and other non-profit entities with an active interest and involvement in environmental issues in Africa.

CA is organised around National Focal Points (NFPs) that work to facilitate cooperation among member organizations within their respective countries and regions. Conserve Africa’s thematic working groups are dynamic tools for debate, discussion and mutual learning among a broad group of African NGOs, and provide an effective vehicle for advocacy and collaborative action.

Member organizations’ activities may include, among other things, implementing various environmental activities at the community level, arranging meetings and seminars, holding symposia on environmental subjects, co-ordinating local community advocacy, promoting educational models and providing information to their members and the general public.

Conserve Africa works with an active local network of community-based environmental groups that can help raise environmental awareness, conduct environmental education, engage in environmental advocacy, serve as local environmental watchdogs, and achieve ecologically sustainable solutions within their own communities. It acts as a focal point and a platform for the African civil society sector to respond to local environmental needs as well as encouraging co-operation in the area of sustainable development.

CA works to reach out to rural people so they can take simple steps to save their local natural resources from degradation, and at the same time CA aims at reaching out to policy makers to ensure that environmental and sustainable development policies are formulated and enforced.